Dating DNA Review – Can You Meet Someone Through “DNA”?

Where everyone gets marked by their “DNA”, you can search local or international singles really easily with this dating app. The only issues? The questionnaire to get matched took way too long, and I couldn’t find anyone in my area. Free though, so it can’t hurt to try it out. Read on for all the details, or share your own Dating DNA review and experiences by scrolling down to the very bottom.

Dating DNA Review – The Pros

  • Quick and easy initial signup.
  • Easy to see compatibility right off the bat.
  • Cool basic concept that keeps users safe if meeting someone elsewhere, and they want to keep private information private.
  • Excellent search capabilities.
  • Really creative matching options, with lots of details.

The Cons

  • Difficult or impossible to find the Terms of Service.
  • Few people to choose from in my geographic area.
  • Lengthy questionnaire required for full matching.

The Signup Process

Not that difficult, although a bit long for my liking. The actual sign up took maybe a few seconds and asked me for basic demographic information (including my real first name – I don’t recommend sharing it). I also had to agree to their terms of service; unfortunate, because I couldn’t read it anywhere and the links didn’t work on my phone.

The rest of the signup was fairly straightforward, other than you can mark pretty much anything as a deal breaker. Huge plus here! Still, even with zero deal breakers listed, I still couldn’t find anyone with even the most basic of matching criteria near me.  Not the best of experiences for this Dating DNA review, I’ll admit

The Bottom Line With This Dating DNA Review – Use It Or Not?

If you’ve got an hour to kill, are cool with just using the iPhone version, and don’t mind just keeping your profile active until you find the need to share your “DNA number”, it’s kind of a fun app to play with. Lots of members in your area? I‘d definitely recommend trying it out and paying the $4.99 fee for full access.

Ready to share your own DNA Dating app review? Scroll on down to fill out the form, and share your experiences.

Dating DNA Review
  • Cost - 80%
  • Features - 60%
  • Layout - 60%
  • Search - 50%
  • User Base - 20%
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