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Hinge iPhone App Review Free

Hinge iPhone App Review

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If you live in DC, Philly, NYC or Boston and use Facebook, this might be a dating app worth checking out.


– One-click signup, using your Facebook account. Zero other information input required.
– The app refuses to post on your behalf to Facebook.
– Unless you both favorite each other, your information is kept private. If you favorite one another, Hinge provides a ‘clever’ introduction.


– Only option on your profile is to show your full name, as listed on Facebook.
– Photos listed as Private on Facebook are still uploaded to Hinge “to understand who your closest friends are” although you can choose your profile image.
– As of early 2014, only available in DC, NYC, Boston and Philly.

Fun to try if you live in one of the service areas, and if you have a Facebook account. I’d suggest changing up a few things on your profile should you want some things kept private first (such as your full name), and convincing a few of your single friends to join as well, so as to have a larger pool of people to potentially connect with.

Ready to try Hinge? Download it here for your iPhone. Have you already download the app and played with it a bit? Then share your Hinge iPhone app review by scrolling down and filling out the comment form.

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