Hinge iPhone App Review – Will Hinge Help You Find Love?

Wondering if the Hinge iPhone app will deliver you love amongst the cupids and adoration to write about for eons? Yea, we were curious as well.

Sadly, you can only live in DC, Philly, NYC or Boston to try out the app (at this point), AND have a Facebook account. Boo. [Editor’s note: the app now allows most Americans to sign up, although there are still a few limitations in certain areas – we couldn’t determine exactly why or where].

So while we weren’t able to try it out ourselves, here’s what we could figure out from the fine print and a few other users.


  • One-click signup, using your Facebook account. Zero other information input required.
  • The app refuses to post on your behalf to Facebook.
  • Unless you both favorite each other, your information is kept private. If you favorite one another, Hinge provides a ‘clever’ introduction.
  • Folks that you haven’t seen yet get prioritized in your search results.


  • Only option on your profile is to show your full name, as listed on Facebook.
  • Photos listed as Private on Facebook are still uploaded to Hinge “to understand who your closest friends are” although you can choose your profile image.
  • As of early 2014, only available in DC, NYC, Boston and Philly.

The Bottom Line On This (Partial) Hinge iPhone App Review

Fun to try if you live in one of the service areas, and if you have a Facebook account. I’d suggest changing up a few things on your profile should you want some things kept private first (such as your full name), and convincing a few of your single friends to join as well, so as to have a larger pool of people to potentially connect with.

Mind you, this might just add to the Tinder phenomenon, where folks create bogus accounts just to sign up for the Hinge iPhone app (or any other dating-related app that requires Facebook access).

As well, quite a few users have shared the app crashes often, so they can’t test it, meet anyone, or even log in. The jury’s still out – we still haven’t been able to access it ourselves.

Ready to try Hinge? Download it here for your iPhone. Have you already download the app and played with it a bit? Then share your Hinge iPhone app review by scrolling down and filling out the comment form.

Hinge iPhone App Review
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