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Dating site owners, please scroll down for the list of criteria to meet before submitting your site(s) for review.

If you’d like your dating site reviewed by an expert as well as your membership, please fill out the form below to get added to the queue. Please do note however that the following criteria must be met for a review to take place:

  1. Your dating site must have been in business for at least six months OR have several thousand members;
  2. Users must be able to secure a refund, when necessary, from your service;
  3. There must be an easily accessible Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy in place for your membership; and
  4. If your site hosts or promotes illegal activities and/or scams, it’ll immediately get removed from our database.

I recognize the last one is a tricky slope, as dating sites can only monitor their users so much. Having said that, my intention is more to avoid the dating sites that cater to illegal activities, romance scams, or the like.

Still interested in having your dating site reviewed? Fill out as much as you can on this form, and we’ll get it to as soon as we can.

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