Christian Filipina Review – Updated June 2022

Christian Filipina










User Base



  • Focused niche so you know exactly what you're getting
  • Free for female members
  • High engagement and message replies
  • 50% discount for military, clergy, missionaries and students


  • Four times the chargeback rate if you don't contact their customer service, first, to resolve an issue
  • Unclear how members connect in person
  • Prefers a 'pen pal' focus over actual dating or long term relationship matching (which might be a Pro for some)
  • Non-transparent pricing
Bonny Albo

Christian Filipina founded the Asian dating site in 2000. Around the same time, the company asked me to write a Christian Filipina review through a major media network. The site’s owners provided me with some information (which I’ve shared here), but I never got around to actually using the service. First world problems… too many dating sites to review.

Fast-forward almost a decade and Christian Filipina comes across my radar once again. A reader asked me if it’s a scam or real, so I couldn’t help but investigate. I’ve shared here my experiences with the site, but would love to hear yours, too.

Just scroll on down and share your own Christian Filipina review, or, read what others had to share.

How To Sign Up With Christian Filipina

Like most dating sites today, signing up takes a few minutes. Confirm your email address, and you’re in.

Christian Filipina Sign Up Page

Dating or Friendship?

Interestingly, Christian Filipina doesn’t bill themselves as a dating site – even though they’ve won dating site awards and fall into the dating site category.

Instead, they consider themselves to be a friendship introduction service for Christians around the world, some of whom happen to be Filipina.

We do not advertise that you might find a husband or wife. This is because although we believe in lifetime commitment in the sacrament of Marriage between a man and a woman, we think that a policy of friends first is the best way for adults in the modern age to find their match. We simply help members to meet pen pals and to chat about Christian values. We believe that the Christian community of singles who are members here are the loveliest you can find on any dating site.

How Does The Site Work?

After you sign up, the site suggests you play around a bit and see who else is on the site before signing up.
If you wonder whether you should join our site, go ahead and join the free level of both. Our free membership allows you to send a few messages per day to other members, to find out whether that special person you might have your eye on would like to get to know you also, before you upgrade.

Note, the free version only lets you send pre-written messages at this time.

Then, you can verify your identity if you’d like, although it’s unnecessary to get a full, paid membership. Basically, you’ll share a picture ID with a staff member, and they’ll qualify you based on three different levels of security.

Can You Actually Meet Someone?

Christian Filipina says it’s not a “mail order bride” site for Asians. So, if they focus on just friendship and don’t offer any mechanisms for people to meet, how do folks connect?

It seems to me there are two ways: pay for a membership and connect on your own, or join one of their “Executive Tours”. These are mentioned throughout the site, and I’ve heard folks calling the phone number (prominently displayed all over the service) and receiving tour offers. As a woman, though, I saw nothing along these lines.

Terms of Service aka The Fine Print

Most of the fine print that I’ll cover in this Christian Filipina review is standard, meaning you’ll find the same thing at pretty much every dating site. Most people don’t read the fine print, though… so here you go.

  • You must be 18 to join the service.
  • By posting anything on Christian Filipina, you offer the copyright to them for use as they see fit.
  • “You will not send money or expensive gifts to people you meet on the site who you have not yet met in person”.
  • The site auto-renews your subscription at the end of the membership; call them to cancel it, but understand they don’t give refunds. One exception to this is within the first three days of subscription – you might be able to, just contact them if for some reason you change your mind.
  • You might get an offer for “site credits”, which are used to “get to know other users”, and not meant to share personal contact details.
  • If you…. “dispute a legitimate charge without contacting our customer service first to resolve it, you will be billed four times the chargeback amount (typically $35 x 4 = $140) plus reasonable attorney fees, collection fees, and double the original charge”.

Hoo boy, that last one.

How Much Does Christian Filipina Cost?

From Christian Filipina:

We offer a military/ex-military/missionary/pastor/student special bonus (50% free extra time for any membership level – email us for details using the feedback link at the bottom of the page and mention coupon code EXTRA).

 I couldn’t find anything about how much the site costs while I was logged in, or before logging in. My old notes showed they charged $9.99 a month for a year-long membership. Their fine print (see above) says they charge “typically” $35 a month now.
One person in the comments (see below) stated $250 USD was their fee for three months of service.
I’m assuming that female members need not pay, thus why I wasn’t shown any fee system. (At the time of writing this review, only one person communicating in a conversation needs to subscribe to send messages).
Have you subscribed? Please share in the comments how much you paid. Note: I’ve used the standard 50% rating (basic) for cost until I can get an accurate accounting.

The Bottom Line On This Christian Filipina Review

Based purely on the security measures, focus, and number of members for a very niche site, I wholeheartedly recommend signing up.

Check out with the free features, see how many folks catch your eye, and then, wait.

I had several gentlemen contact me – but as I don’t meet the criteria of the site (Filipina) I didn’t get a lot of interaction. Still, I didn’t need to pay for them to contact me.

Depending on the cost of the service (again, I don’t have a clue), and the number of members that interest you, I’d recommend signing up as well.

Just make sure to cover your bases and call them to review their refund and cancellation policies, first.

For those of you who have used Christian Filipina – I’d love to hear about your input and experiences. Scroll down and add your comment or review, below. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Christian Filipina Review – Updated June 2022”

  1. Thanks for the article. That returned clause……..ouch, that smacks of recurring charge “gray fraud” (We didn’t received your “cancel” in time) (ya, because you don’t answer the phone.

  2. What I found out in two days is tha girls who wink at you keep asking you how you like CF and if you met any phillipenas. What this is an attempt to get feedback on themselves, problem is that every contact ask you the same question. What does this mean? That most contacts work for CF! Not hard to figure out. Then they try and get you to Google chat or meet up so they are not using CF site to continue to string you along as you continue pay your subscription. It Kool I asked for a refund and they gave it to me.

  3. Cost








    User Base


    It is a very bad and unreliable Christian Pilipina site.
    I subscribed a few months ago and paid
    So much money about $ 272 for three months and now I am sick and I tried to unsubscribed. I sent a lot of messages to them they didn’t answer, I call everyday to them : Uk +441344231492, +1 8084604171 and 415 991 6998 , however, less than one minute just I head an electronic secretary voice.

    Please, stay way of this unreliable and bad character people. They are not reliable christian.

    Also, Sent a message to Peter, He never answered, just when I started he sent a message to subscribed, He is not a christian neither honest person also all the staff are the same: MAFIA.


  4. In the 2 years I was a member, I met quality people online at CF. I made many friends who showed me hospitality and kindness during my visits. I met and married a wonderful Filipina. I could not have asked for more.

  5. I was bored with all the entitled women I met in the US singles scene. Along with a number of other sites, I subscribed to CF. What I found on CF was not only friendship an lots of fun visiting in the Philippines, but the love of my life. We’ve been married for 3 years. I found that CF goes to great lengths to limit scammers and offers a fine service for a reasonable price. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me.

  6. 250 usd for 3 months is cheapest version …very christian of them
    Site is old design and they charge like is gold
    revue say cost to be good ..they charge for 550 $ peer year
    This is crazy price for me also people complaining woman only chat with you and nothing ha pends at the end they stop messaging you

    1. Cost








      User Base


      This site has so many scammers. Ninety % of the women will pretend to fall on love with a man in a week. They will try to get something from you , a computer, pay for a bill, a washing machine , anything because they are poor. Theres no work in Philopines so they must scam to survive. The cost is ridiculous. They are asking members to pay almost 5 thousand dollars for a fiance Visa. My neighbors are Philippino, it cost couple hundred. Save your money men ,find a woman in America. No matter how bad you think American dating sites are , this is worse.

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