Afroromance Review – Is This Interracial Dating Site Right For You?











User Base



  • Well laid out website
  • Focused niche
  • Straightforward, quick sign up
  • Low / no ads, even for free members
  • Offers money back guarantee


  • Poor engagement / no replies to messages
  • Low number of members
  • Lower than average features for a dating site
  • Search features inaccurate
  • Must consent to data use for marketing purposes
Bonny Albo

Writing this Afroromance review was like going on a date with someone you want to like, but just aren’t feeling it. No real reason why… you just know it won’t work out.

I knew walking in that I had to write this review – a few folks have requested it, and a handful more sent in reviews before I could check it out myself.

But did I want to? Feel excited? Get motivated to write this review?


Still, I had to give it a chance (like any blind date) – so let’s get to it. We’ll cover the look and feel, sign up process, search capabilities, connections and cost, and terms and conditions.

Ready to sign up right now? Then check out Afroromance.

Getting Started With Afroromance

Afroromance Log In Page
The Afroromance Log In page is clean, clear and easy to use.

Afroromance is very easy to use, without the overabundance of ads that many of the free dating sites use to make money.

It has a very modern and professional feel so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

How Do You Sign Up?

It’s simple and takes about five minutes to complete.

Step one? Put in your zip or postal code.

Second, state who you are and what you’re looking for: man looking for man, man looking for woman, woman looking for man, or woman looking for woman.

Then you put in your email address and date of birth.

Last of all, you create a username and password.

Once you have finished the sign up process, you’re free to search for potential matches and view their profiles.

Searching Afroromance

The search options are straightforward and surprisingly robust.

At any level, you can look at anyone’s profile, like their pictures and flirt with them.

Another section shows you the people online that you can currently talk to.

However, if you want to email or chat with other users, pay to subscribe

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Subscribe and connect with other users with a VIP pass and choose from one of the three payment options: six months for $69.99, 3 months for $39.50, or one month for $19.95.

The Nitty Gritty Fine Print

Like most singles, you likely don’t read the fine print with a dating site before signing up . (Tsk tsk).

Then again, why bother when I’ve written this Afroromance review and covered all the heavy lifting for you? 

So, here’s the most important stuff you need to know:

  • You must be 18 years old and single or separated.
  • You may cancel your membership and subscription at anytime, but if you cancel, you’ll lose all access to the site.
  • If you end your subscription, you will still have access to services until the end of the subscription you paid for. For example, if you paid for a six-month subscription in January that will end in June, but you cancelled in March, you will still have access until June.
  • By creating a profile on Afroromance, it might show up on one of their sister sites as well (with no way to change this).
  • Anything you post, upload or do on the site can be used – forever – by the site for whatever purposes they see fit. Usually this means that your pictures and/or profile could be used in marketing materials.
  • Questions about your account? Talk to customer service.
  • No soliciting on the site or using Afroromance for “professional” purposes.

The Afroromance Guarantee

The Afroromance Guarantee

Yep, they have a guarantee. The company shares the details way better than I ever could (see above), but here’s the jist of it.

Sign up for a 90-day membership, and if you don’t meet anyone, contact Afroromance within 14 days after your membership expires to get a full refund.

The Bottom Line?

As you’ll see from the (real) Afroromance reviews below, there isn’t a lot of support or help once you’ve paid your fees.

I didn’t meet anyone through the site, nor did I receive a reply to any of the messages I sent.

In contrast, I received a lot of messages from men much older than my requested age bracket, and many of them were aggressive and forward.

Do I recommend it? No, not really. Then again, I’ve heard from several folks who have met their sweetheart there – please comment below if that’s the case for you, or if you have tips and tricks to use the site successfully.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Share your own Afroromance review in the comments, or ask any questions you’ve got about the service.

5 thoughts on “Afroromance Review – Is This Interracial Dating Site Right For You?”

  1. Cost








    User Base


    I was on this site for 12 years and apart from chatting to a few women I never had any success on it.I did eventually meet one women who was 76 years old but she said I was too old at 50 and not attracted enough for her.Her ideal age range was 29-39 but she decided to meet me as not many people took her fancy.Most of the women on this site are either gold diggers,fakes,passport seekers and sex freaks.As for the customer services it used to be good but it’s unfit for purpose now.The only positive thing about this site is it allows members to exchange personal contact details where as many sites do not.I have now given up as being 52 years old I am too old to start dating besides I am not attractive and have nothing to offer a woman.

  2. The “idea” behind the site is great. But there is nobody home behind the scenes or on the Facebook site. This site could BLOW UP the internet dating circle and be extremely successful IF the owner took more of a hands on approach to it along with marketing the group.

    Per the site: “All accounts are reviewed by human staff individually, so please do not add your personal contact details or your account will be banned without further notice. This includes any reference to email address, telephone numbers, other websites, instant messengers and internet service providers. Profanity and obscene profiles will also be banned.”

    FALSE! I have seen just today TEN profiles that were NOT reviewed by a human. If they were, they would have been able to see grammatical errors which are common with African scammers. One individual talked about his love for his daughter and in the very next sentenced, referenced this child as a “he”, along with sentences that sounded like he copied and pasted bits and pieces from other profiles. IF someone read that and not scanned it with a computer program that has specific words in it that are considered unacceptable, they would have never put that profile on the site as live.

    There is so much potential for this site, but sadly as with most interracial ideas, sites, blogs, etc … they fizzle out and it’s nothing more than someone getting rich off of $19.95.

  3. When I first joined the site I was quite skeptical as I have been on many other dating sites and they are all much the same. One thing that really impressed me is that they have a love coach who went over my profile and photos with me and offered me advise….all for FREE. I don’t know of any other site that does this with you in real time!
    Once I made the suggested changes I got more hits and I was more than happy to upgrade my membership. After a few emails I met a wonderful man and we are now dating exclusively…..the coaching gave me more confidence in myself and how best to express myself and I guess that’s what help attract my new man 🙂

    I am VERY happy with the service I received

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