Christian Cafe Review – Is This Religious Dating Site Worth It?

Bonny Albo

Looking for love with a fellow Christian? Struggling to meet someone of your faith, without having to resort to generic, one-size-fits-all dating sites?

Christian Cafe is a strong, well-rounded choice, if more expensive than most dating sites. The features far exceed most other niche dating sites though, so it’s worth looking into further.

Need more information before you sign up? Tired of reading fake reviews that don’t explain everything you need to know to make a buying decision?

We get it. That’s why we vet dating sites, and share our results with you. Let’s jump right in.

Christian Cafe’s Biggest Competitor

A Christian Cafe review would be remiss if not to mention BigChurch; of the two, Big Church has a much larger database of members, yet falls short on the religious side of things. (Read the BigChurch review to understand what I’m getting at).

So does that mean Christian Cafe is the way to go if you’re looking for love within your Christian faith? Not really. Or, perhaps maybe – it really depends on your definition of Christianity, and, how much you like the interface and user base. Let’s get right in there to look at our options.

What’s the Sign-Up Process Like?

Christian Cafe Log In Page

Quick and easy, like most of the larger, well-established dating sites. While people that identify as LGBTQ+ cannot sign up, pretty much everyone else can.

Once you’ve verified your account, uploaded a profile photo and user information, you’ll receive a 7 or 10-day free account, which offers you all the benefits and features that paid accounts provide. This includes:

  • Unlimited email, form access and instant messaging between members;
  • A full viewing of each members’ profile without restrictions;
  • The ability to post prayer requests or to read the prayer requests of others;
  • A fully featured search engine that allows a myriad of options such as church denomination and religious interests, geography and hobbies.

When your free trial runs out, you must pay for one of the membership plans for full access to the site. If you remain an unpaid member, you’ll lose all ability to contact other members.

Layout and Features

Every time I visit Christian Cafe, I’m surprised. Their refusal to accept any advertising is a huge bonus, and their safe dating practices feature prominently on every page.

More importantly, though, Christian Cafe removes all inactive user profiles after 90 days.

While this might seem annoying, refusing to have old, outdated, or duplicate profiles benefits you as a single Christian. Here’s why.

My Dating Profile Can Live Online For How Long?

Most dating sites refuse to purge their databases. After having written over 500 dating site reviews over a decade, I still have profiles all over the place. My old pictures, information and stories still live on more than half of these sites.

I can still log in to many of them and update as needed. Folks looking for love do not understand I’m partnered and couldn’t deactivate my account.

I’ve even come across my pictures used in marketing materials, 4 years after I logged in last.

So, while other features shared in this Christian Cafe review might really turn you off, let this one benefit your love life.

Also, know that if you want to leave the site (because you met someone amazing), and then need to rejoin later, you must email former [at] christiancafe [dot] com with your information for reinstatement.

How Much Does Christian Cafe Cost?

Paid memberships cost $29.95 USD for two weeks, $39.95 USD for one month, $59.95 USD for three months, $89.95 USD for six months, or $119.95 USD for one year’s access.

Although these fees are a tad high (thus explaining the cost star allocation in this Christian Cafe review), they are almost on par with all the high-end niche dating sites today. (Think eHarmony).

Want Free Access to Christian Cafe?

One of my favorite features of Christian Cafe? They give five free days access to anyone that refers a friend. Refer two friends, get ten days. It’s that easy.

The Bottom Line On This Christian Cafe Review

Let’s face it: there are a substantial number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered folks that also follow the Christian faith. If you fall into this group, you’ve likely already clicked away. This definitely isn’t the Christian dating site for you.

Otherwise, use that free trial period wisely. Look around and see how many folks in your geographic area sit on the site. Yes, there will be a lot less than at BigChurch. But do you want to connect with folks that share a database with adult-only dating sites? Likely not.

High quality matches? Pay for the service, as little as you think you’ll need to find someone amazing. Don’t? Easy. Just leave it, and your profile will get deleted automatically.

Ready to get started? Check out Christian Cafe now.

Have questions or want to share your own experiences? Scroll down and share away.

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3 thoughts on “Christian Cafe Review – Is This Religious Dating Site Worth It?”

  1. I was a paying member 7 years ago. I have been single for 7 years now. It took allot for me to upload a profile at this point in my life and see if it was right for me, so I took up Christian Cafe’s offer for a ten day trial. What a wake up call to find that they canceled my free trial early and accused me of “”cheating their system”” for asking my correspondent to google search my name as to become better acquainted with me before confiding in me…and for this ….they called me a “”cheat””. SHOCKING! This has been a disturbing experience and so offensive that I hope it is not in vain. Behavior like this is anything but Christian. I hope this honest review helps the reader on their journey in life “”with one less bump in the road””. “”Blessings””

  2. I seriously estimate that 60% of the “”members “” are fake members. The company wants to appear to have many listing to entice new members to fork over about $100 for an annual listing. You stand a better chance of meeting someone at the supermarket checkout. Guaranteed waste of $100

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