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User Base



  • Huge database of members; the largest in the STD dating site world
  • Privacy settings for billing go above and beyond
  • All profiles verified by a human being, and can pay for extra verification features
  • Comprehensive support for folks with STDs and STIs


  • Not the cheapest of dating site options
  • Boring site that isn't the prettiest to look at
Bonny Albo

Since 2001, PositiveSingles has offered online dating services to singles seeking love, something casual, and as a source of medical information for anyone with an STI or STD.

But, you don’t really care about fluffy, marketing details, do you? You want to know if it will the dating site work for you. Hopefully, this comprehensive review will give you all the details you need to decide if PositiveSingles is the right STD dating site to meet your match.

Questions? Jump down to the comments and ask away.

Who Uses PositiveSingles?

According to SimilarWeb, PositiveSingles has more men (54.55%) using the site, however it’s almost evenly skewed with women (45.55%). Most of the people who visit PositiveSingles are 25-64 years old, with the largest group falling in the 25-34 age range.

PositiveSingles Review - Gender DemographicsPositive Singles Review - Age Demographics

*Screenshots and demographic data from SimilarWeb, Nov 2018-Jan 2019. Retrieved February 15, 2019 from https://pro.similarweb.com/#/website/audience-demographics/positivesingles.com/*/999/3m?webSource=Total


  • Enormous membership base that’s shared with SuccessfulMatch. What does this mean, exactly? They share the structure and users between many niche dating sites, which makes it look like there’s a ton of members in your area. The problem? Well, you don’t have a clue if they’re STD-friendly or positive singles. You can search for these features, though, so it’s still on the pro list.
  • Huge amount of features specific to the site and to the niche, including STD support and professional advice, chat, blogs, access to STD counselors and customer service support.
  • Purchase privacy; see my overall review for more details.
  • All member information can be “verified”, such as income, age, and marital status.
  • Each profile is reviewed by a real human being instead of a bot or program.


  • Cost; it’s not the cheapest site (monthly fees range from $15.95-29.99 USD), although you can sign up for free and take a peek around.
  • There’s no video or group chat features.
  • It’s a boring website, and there’s nothing special or unique about it that makes me want to fork over some cash to join.

PositiveSingles Screenshot

PositiveSingles Review - Screenshot

PositiveSingles in the News

If a dating site makes it to the news, it’s usually for one of several reasons: it’s Valentine’s Day, the site released research, or someone sued the company. PositiveSingles takes it a step further; they release their own updates and news, often. Here’s a taste.

Positive Singles Releases a New Feature Called Drift Bottle
Members can “throw it around” to other members anonymously. When a member ‘catches’ it, they can respond for free.

Jury Returns Verdict of $16.5 Million For California Members of PositiveSingles and Related Third-Party Websites

PositiveSingles Announces 2000th User

STD rates find another all-time high in the Covid era

The Bottom Line On This PositiveSingles Review

If I had any variation of an STI or STD, I would sign up with PositiveSingles.

If I could though, I’d sign up with SuccessfulMatch. Sadly, their actual dating site no longer exists. They merely use it as a funnel for their other niche dating sites.

This. Is. Awesome.


Because when you sign up for PositiveSingles, your credit card statement will say, “SuccessfulMatch”. Now that’s what I call privacy. Or, at the least, tact.

So, is my PositiveSingles review a good one? I mean, it’s okay. I’m far from overjoyed with the site, there’s nothing terribly new or exciting that they offer, and it’s just… okay.

Still, if I were STD positive and wanted to meet someone awesome, I’d probably pick PositiveSingles / SuccessfulMatch, first.

Have you used the site? Have more questions? Think there’s a better STD or STI dating site out there? Scroll down and comment below.

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