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Tinder offers a few downloadable apps to access their database; on this page, we’ll focus on the Tinder iPhone app review.

It’s simple to use the app-only dating site: install,  connect your Facebook account, and then swipe left if you’re not interested, swipe right if you are. Currently free with some added paid-for (freemium) features. If you actually want to connect with a lot of people though, you’ll have to pay. Do we recommend it? Read on.

Tinder iPhone App Pros

  • Only connects you with other people you are attracted to (i.e. swipe right/yes to);
  • Fast way to meet new people (both users who wrote this review have met people within an hour of installing the app);
  • Easy and straightforward;
  • Probably best used for hooking up/casual only, and well-suited to it;
  • Excellent, intuitive layout, even for someone who just installed the app;

Tinder iPhone App Cons

  • Free version only allows a small number likes per day
  • Can easily miss out on some amazing people as the site is based solely on one’s physical appearance;
  • Some people use it for hooking up, others are looking to date so sometime confusing;
  • On the free version there is no unswiping someone you accidentally swiped the wrong way;
  • Limited room to create/write a profile (most users have zero listed in their profiles);
  • Lots of fake accounts;
  • Must use Facebook to connect;
  • Must have your age publicly listed on Facebook for it to work properly.

The Bottom Line on This Tinder iPhone App Review

When Tinder first came out, it was amazing. Lots of random hookups were available and shared, and met a lot of really wonderful people.

It seems now Tinder has lost a lot of its luster; way too many fake accounts, which limits the number of people you can meet. Add that to the quality of people seeming less than in prior years, and the new added cost seems significant, depending on your age.

Under 29 and in the US? Tinder Plus will cost you $9.99. Over 30? $19.99 ($22.99 in Canada).

So why would you bother with this, if previously it was all free? It depends on what you’re after. If it’s sheer numbers, upgrading is worth your while: you get unlimited swipes, the ability to unswipe (“Rewind”), and the option to change your location if traveling (“Passport”).

While much of this was available to female users the entire time (or, it was for the female that tested Tinder for this site), the male that wrote most of this review said he has yet to see any of those options on the free side of things. Good to know.

Ready to try Tinder with your iPhone? Click here, or if you’ve already used it, feel free to scroll down and share your honest Tinder iPhone app review – good, bad or indifferent.

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